Our lab is currently interested in employing the concept of supramolecular chemistry to carry out a series of researches regarding self-assembled optofunctional materials on single-molecular or single-material platform with the incorporation of different stimuli response (especially the photochemistry), for addressing the fundamental scientific issues regarding the regulation of luminescent properties in organic/polymeric π-conjugated systems. Specifically, the strategies is focused on a multiple regulation of energy gap and emissive pathways at the material level with the utilization of photochemistry, ordered molecular self-assembly and the related stimuli upon self-assembly. The interdisciplinary nature among structural design, self-assembly and tuning for luminescent properties of our studies aims to address the emerging scientific issues in multicolor luminescence, high-resolution sensing, selective imaging in vivo and so forth.



Prof. Dr. Liangliang Zhu (朱亮亮)

State Key Laboratory of Molecular Engineering of Polymers, Department of Macromolecular Science, Fudan University, Shanghai 200433, China, E-mail: zhuliangliang@fudan.edu.cn, Tel: +86-21-3124 7656

Position Openings: Research Assistant, Postdoc, PhD Students, Master Students, Exchanged Students.

Our group mainly focuses on fundamental and application researches in supramolecular organic/polymer optoelectronic materials, multi-responsive π-conjugated systems and organic-inorganic hybrid nanomaterials. We welcome students and scholars with the background of organic synthesis, nanomaterials, organic optoelectronics and other related fields to join our group.

Email: zhuliangliang@fudan.edu.cn

Address: State Key Laboratory of Molecular Engineering of Polymers, Department of Macromolecular Science, Fudan University, Chemistry Building (Area B), 2005 Songhu Road, Shanghai 200438, China.

Group news

2018/10/18 Our work regarding switchable anti-Kasha's rule emission on azulene derivatives was published in Chem Mater.

2018/10/17 Prof. Hans Ågren, Dr. Gleb Baryshnikov, Dr. Xin Li and Dr. Haichun Liu(KTH, Stockholm) visited our group and joined our group meeting discussion.

2018/10/13 The group met with Prof. Si Wu (Max-Planck Institute) for academic discussion during his Senior Visiting Program days.

2018/10/12 Liangliang gave an invited talk in ISAMS in ECUST.

2018/09/28 Sci. China Chem. accepted our innovative work regarding flicker luminescence regulated by autonomous pH control.

2018/09/28 Liangliang gave an invited talk in 1st Chinese AIE symposium (Xi'an).

2018/09/22 Our work related to the control of molecular weight upon photooligomerization using biomacromolecular template was accepted in Macromolecules.

2018/09/21 The group attended MEP-2.

2018/09/03 Exchange students, Mr Xunying Chen and Mr Taoyu Weng will begin to visit the group. Welcome!

2018/09/03 Welcome new graduate students, Ms. Lulu Zhou, Mr. Anze Li and Mr. Mengkai Luo joined the group.

2018/08/21 Many congratulations to Supervisor Yanli Zhao (also the previous senior visitor) for promoting to Full Professor in NTU!

2018/06/22 Pei will be an Assistant Research Professor at Tongji University. Congrats!

2018/05/08 JACS reported our collaborative work with Prof. Zhao on using H-/J-aggregation mode to achieve chirality control of nano self-assemblies.

2018/05/07 Liangliang presented an oral talk in the 31th Annual Meeting of the China Chemical Society (Hangzhou).

2018/04/29 Congratulations to Jian for winning the 63rd China Postdoctoral Science Foundation Funded Project.

2018/04/28 ChemCommun published our summary for dispersion properties of carbon-dots.

2018/04/27 Our recent paper focusing on control of unimolecular luminescence conversion with green light involved was accepted in Chemistry.

2018/04/26 Congratulations to Mr. Liang Ou for winning Hui-Chun Chin and Tsung-Dao Lee Chinese Undergraduate Research Endowment (CURE).

2018/04/13 Liangliang gave an invited lecture in 4th Symposium on Organic Functional Materials (SUES, Shanghai).

2018/04/09 Liangliang gave an interview to group students for sharing tips on how to be a good supervisor.

2018/02/24 A review paper to summarize PDPDA and the pertinent application was accepted by Chinese Chemical Letters.

2018/01/17 JPCL reported our work regarding green light controlled acidic sensing at the unimolecular level, while another paper regarding the construction of rotaxane-based nanoarchitectures via photopolymerization was accepted in Macromolecules.

2018/01/05 Liangliang visited South China University of Technology for 3rd Youth Scholars' Seminar of "State Key Laboratory of Polymers".

2018/01/05 Prof. Dr. Si Wu (Max-Planck Institute) will begin his Senior Visiting program in our lab, while Dr. Ruyi Sun (ECNU) will begin her Open Projects in the group.

2017/12/12 Our paper regarding synthesis of Amphiphilic Carbon Dots using rigid organic precursor strategy was accepted in Chemical Science.

2017/12/09 We moved to the New Lab, New Building, New Campus!

2017/11/09 The group met with the chief editor of ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, Prof. Kirk Schanze, for academic discussion.

2017/11/01 Prof. Hans Ågren and Dr. Xin Li (KTH, Stockholm) visited our department and joined our group meeting discussion.

2017/10/30 Congratulations to Bingbing for winning 2017 Fudan Graduate Research Grant.

2017/10/22 Liangliang gave an invited talk in the 3rd China International Congress on Composite Materials (CCCM-3) and in Department of Chemistry, ZJU.

2017/10/10 Liangliang, Xuping, Bin and Bingbing attended 2017 Polymer Symposium of China (Chengdu).

2017/09/30 Liangliang will become a member of youth editorial board of SCIENCE CHINA Chemistry.

2017/09/29 A collaborative paper with Prof. Luis Campos was accepted in Science Advances.

2017/09/28 Liangliang and Hongwei received the 4th Adamas-beta® Award for Outstanding Academic Papers.

2017/09/20 Welcome postdoc, Dr. Jian Gu joined the group.

2017/09/04 Congratulations to Mingjie and Yifan for beginning their PhD study, and welcome graduate student, Mr Dongxiao Zheng joined the group.

2017/09/02 Qi will move to US for launching a visiting scholar work at Columbia University.

2017/09/01 Yunyun began to work as a senior research associate in the group.

2017/08/28 Liangliang turned to perform the counselor duty for 16- and 17-PhD students of the Department.

2017/08/24 Congratulations to Junji for promoting to Associate Professor.

2017/08/01 Welcome visiting student, Ms Panpan Hua joined the group.

2017/07/30 The latest invited paper was accepted in Chinese Chemical Letters.

2017/07/01 Hongwei will leave for Singapore to work as a postdoc in NTU. Cheers!

2017/06/20 Liangliang presented a talk in NTU and in ICMAT 2017.

2017/05/25 Congratulations to Hongwei for passing the oral defense of his Doctoral thesis.

2017/05/20 The group devoted to organize the 1st Symposium on Applied Optofunctional Materials, and it was successfully held.

2017/05/15 Congratulations to Wandong for passing the oral defense of her Master's thesis.

2017/05/14 The group met with Prof. Yanli Zhao (NTU) for academic discussion during his Senior Visiting Program days..

2017/04/30 A collaborative program with Prof. Dr. Yang Yang (ZJU), Prof. Dr. Haiming Zhu (ZJU) and Dr. Jizhong Yao (Microquanta Co. Ltd.) was selected as one of 2017 Major projects of the Ministry of Science & Technology.

2017/03/29 Our latest work regarding Cyanostyryl-Modified Azulene Systems was accepted in Chemistry.

2017/03/14 Liangliang shared some discussion on "Smart Fibers" in Eastern Forum of Science and Technology, Shanghai.

2017/02/05 Congratulations to Qi for promoting to Associate Professor.

2017/01/24 We are granted the 2017 Natural Science Foundation of Shanghai.

2017/01/13 Liangliang presented a recent work regarding asterisk molecules at Donghua University for 2nd Youth Scholars' Seminar of "State Key Laboratory of Polymers".

2017/01/11 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces reported our work regarding tunable dual emission strategy composed with Vis fluorescence and NIR phosphorescence.

2016/12/28 Dr. Junji Zhang (ECUST) will begin his Open Projects in the group.

2016/12/28 Our latest publication regarding helical self-assembly induced singlet-triplet emissive switching appears in JACS.

2016/12/05 Liangliang became a member of youth editorial board of Chinese Chemical Letters.

2016/12/01 J. Mater. Chem. C reported our work regarding gatable photochromic system on a star-shaped molecule.

2016/11/24 We are awarded the Emergency Management Grant of 2016 Natural Science Foundation of China.

2016/11/04 Liangliang, Hongwei and Mingjie presented several research works in International Symposium on Photochromism 2016 (ECUST, Shanghai).

2016/11/02 Congratulations to Yunyun for winning the 60th China Postdoctoral Science Foundation Funded Project.

2016/11/02 Liangliang gave an oral talk in 2016 symposium on polymer materials science and engineering of China (Guilin).

2016/10/24 Welcome undergraduate student, Mr Xiyuan Yu joined the group.

2016/09/30 Welcome research assistant, Ms Jianhui Sheng joined the group.

2016/09/09 Welcome postdoc, Dr. Xiaoyong Jia joined the group.

2016/09/01 Liyuan will be moving to Wuhan to start her new job in Keycom Partners, P. C. Wish all the best in her new career!

2016/08/30 Welcome PhD students, Mr. Bin Wu, Ms. Xuping Li and Ms. Bingbing Yue joined the group.

2016/08/25 Liangliang began to launch the counselor duty for 15- and 16-PhD students of the Department.

2016/08/17 Our collaborative program with Prof. Yanli Zhao for study of drug delivery and photodynamic therapy was granted the 2016 Natural Science Foundation of China.

2016/07/27 Our paper demonstrating functional self-assembled monolayers on gold electrode was accepted in RSC Adv.

2016/07/16 Liangliang, Pei, Liyuan and Mingjie participated to organize 2016 Summer Camp of the Department.

2016/07/13 ChemCommun reported our work regarding asterisk molecules for engineering room-temperature phosphorescence-fluorescence dual emission.

2016/07/05 Welcome undergraduate student, Mr Liang Ou joined the group.

2016/07/01 Our works about hexathiobenzene and azulene-cyanostilbene were presented in the 30th Annual Meeting of the China Chemical Society (Dalian).

2016/06/21 Our paper for reviewing controlled movements of cucurbiturils was accepted in ChemPlusChem.

2016/06/19 Cheng will be moving to France to start his gratuate study in École des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC Paris). Congrats!

2016/06/13 Welcome visiting student, Mr Yifan Gong joined the group.

2016/06/09 Our paper regarding metal-ligand stoichiometry controlled sequential block copolymer self-assemblies was accepted in Langmuir.

2016/05/20 Welcome Prof. Yanli Zhao began the Senior Visiting Program in the group.

2016/05/12 Welcome visiting student, Mr Shangshang Wang joined the group.

2016/04/16 Liangliang gave an invited lecture in 2nd Symposium on Organic Functional Materials (ECUST, Shanghai).

2016/04/01 Liangliang gave a talk in Shanghai University of Electric Power.

2016/04/01 An invited review paper regarding cyanostilbene (by Hang, et al.) was accepted in Chinese Chemical Letters.

2016/03/14 Liangliang was selected as a member of Safety Crew of the Department.

2016/01/11 Welcome Visiting Scholar, Dr. Qi Zou began his Open Projects in the group.

2016/01/07 Liangliang and Yunyun visited Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry for 1st Youth Scholars' Seminar of "State Key Laboratory of Polymers".

2015/12/30 Liangliang is awarded the 12th Thousand Young Talents of China.

2015/12/30 Welcome postdoc, Dr. Pei Zhao joined the group.

2015/12/06 Our publication regarding oligodiacetylene-based long lifetime emissions was accepted in Chemical Science.

2015/12/03 Liangliang had a talk in 2015 Youth Scholars' Seminar of Organic Polymer Materials (Chengdu)

2015/11/30 Liangliang is featured in Frontier in Technology and Industry Across the Straits (2015, 196(10), 113).

2015/11/21 Liangliang and undergraduates of "Elites Program" visited Department of Polymer Science & Engineering, Zhejiang University.

2015/11/03 Liangliang gave an invited lecture in 2nd Fudan-Yamagata Joint Symposium on Polymer Science.

2015/10/18 Liangliang attended 2015 Polymer Symposium of China (Suzhou).

2015/10/13 Liangliang shared some tips for scientific research and learning in 14th Face-to-Face Conversation with Supervisors of the department.

2015/09/10 Welcome undergraduate student, Mr Cheng Hang joined the group.

2015/08/31 Welcome graduate student, Mr Mingjie Zhu joined the group.

2015/08/19 Welcome exchange student, Mr Hongwei Wu joined the group.

2015/08/18 Congratulations to Yunyun for winning the 2015 Natural Science Foundation of China.

2015/08/10 Welcome postdoc, Dr. Yunyun Zhou joined the group.

2015/07/22 Our latest publication regarding unimolecular photopolymerizations was accepted in Macromolecules.

2015/07/17 Summer students visited our lab.

2015/07/02 Liangliang shared some tips for doing a postdoc and career development in Science & Technology Review.

2015/06/29 Welcome exchange student, Ms Wandong Zhao joined the group.

2015/06/26  Welcome research assistant, Ms Liyuan Yin joined the group.

2015/05/25 Liangliang participated to organize Fudan University-Nature Nanotechnology Joint Symposium and met with the senior editor of Nature Nanotechnology, Ai Lin Chun.

2015/05/04 Liangliang arrived at Fudan University.