Team leader

Junpo, He. Professor, doctoral supervisor, deputy director of the department of polymer science. He has been studying on the mechanism of living polymeriztion  and synthesis of new polymers with complex topology structure in the long term. Up to now, He has undertaken  more than ten programs including the National Natural Science Foundation, the national key basic research special fund ("973"), the National Science and technology program ("863") and so on. He published more than 60 research papers and applied for more than 20 patents. He also has been invited to do academic reports on several occasions. On the other hand, he has received the Chinese chemical society youth Chemistry Award, the national hundred outstanding doctoral dissertation award, the Henry Fok foundation for young teachers in Colleges and universities.

education background

2002 - 2003, Germany BASF polymer research center, post doctoral
1996/09 - 1999/06, Department of Macromolecular Science, Fudan University, Ph.D.
1990/09 - 1993/06, Department of materials science, Fudan University, master
1986/09 - 1990/06, Department of chemistry and chemical engineering, Henan University,


work experience

2012/06 - 2012/08, Tokyo Institutet of Technology, visiting professor
2007 -now, the Department of polymer science, Fudan University, Professor
2005/07 - 2005/08, Germany Konstanz University, Department of chemistry, Germany
(DAAD) senior visiting scholar
2001/01 - 2007/03, Fudan University, associate professor, Department of Polymer Science
1996/01 - 1997/03, German Konstanz University, Department of chemistry, exchange visiting scholars
1993/07 - 1995/12, Fudan University, Department of polymer science, assistant

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